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Certified Equipment Repair offers sales on new, used, and reconditioned forklifts, pallet jacks, and attachments. Many units are available for immediate delivery. If we do not have a machine in stock to fit your specific needs or budget, we will find the right machine for you.  

Buying a new or used lift truck is an important investment. When you purchase or lease from Certified, we go out of our way to make sure you get the right machine for your application. We don't just push what we have in stock. We will work with you to ensure you get a lift truck that will do whatever you need, today, tomorrow and into the future. At Certified, we service what we sell and stand behind our equipment. If you need service or parts after the sale, we will be there to help you out.

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2014 HELI 24 volt Pallet Truck

 Industry leading design features


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Lease and finance options available


  Model             CBD20-150  

Base Capacity   4,500#

Voltage  24 Volt Battery Pack  

Controller  Curtis 1230 AC Control     

Hydraulics      24 Volt Integral Pump & Motor

Standard Forks         27” wide x 48” long

Lift Range       3.3” lowered

7.67” Elevated  

Options        24 Volt Battery Pack with built in 110v Charger.   


Standard Features:

 Power: Curtis 1230 A/C Programmable Motor Controller  


 Steering: Electric Power Steering Provides Effortless Steering Control, Reducing Driver Fatigue and Increase Unit Mobility in Tight Working Environments.

 Drive:  Heavy Duty Drive Provides Smooth Quite Double Reduction Through Use of Helical Cut Gears.   


 Direction Control:  Ergonomically Designed Operator’s Handle Provide Easy Access to Functional / Safety Controls As Well As Offering Excellent Operator Hand Protection.   


 Lift Hydraulics: Low Noise Self Contained Hydraulic Pump and Motor assembly with Integrated Electronic Two-Way Lowering Solenoid.


 Brakes:  High Efficiency Regenerative Brake System for Smooth Operations with Automotive style Service Brake.